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This gene encodes a small, conserved protein that participates in red blood cell formation. 29 Abr 2013 de 70 individuos Vel- resultó ser uniformemente homocigota para la deleción de 17 nucleótidos en la secuencia de codificación de SMIM1. 8 Apr 2013 “Interestingly, the new protein, SMIM1, is reminiscent of other molecules used by malaria parasites to infect humans. It is therefore possible that  26 Ene 2017 Se trata de una molécula no descubierta hasta el momento y que nombraron SMIM1. Las personas con esta sangre tienen una mutación en su  18 Mar 2013 from the University of Vermont and France has found the missing molecule—a tiny protein called SMIM1—and the mystery is solved. 8 Apr 2013 The researchers discovered that the presence of the Vel antigen on our red blood cells is controlled by a previously unknown protein (SMIM1)  STX5 - Syntaxin-5; Mediates endoplasmic reticulum to Golgi transport. Together with p115/USO1 and GM130/GOLGA2, involved in vesicle tethering and fusion  Download scientific diagram | SMIM1 protein.

The Vel antigen is present on red blood cells from all people except rare Vel-negative individuals who can form antibodies to Vel in response to transfusion or pregnancy. These antibodies may cause severe hemolytic reactions in blood recipients.


RABL6 . Personen mit dem Phänotyp „Vel-negativ“ weisen auf Chromosom 1 eine homozygo- te Deletion im Gen für das „Small Integral. Membrane Protein 1“ ( SMIM1)  Ouwehand and Prof Mattia Frontini, I investigated the role of SMIM1 protein in blood cells and other organs, using an in vivo and in vitro approach, and three  9, 2019, article, Prevalence of SMIM1 c.64_80del17 homozygotes in southeastern Brazil: the Vel-negative phenotype, 1, 1. 10, 2018, conferenceObject  2 Jun 2019 FdUMP Fluorodesoxiuridina monofosfato. SESN1. Sestrin 1 (sestrina).


Anti-SMIM1. Anti-SMIM1 Antibody. small integral membrane protein 1 (Vel blood group) References (1) Recommended Applications Product Description Polyclonal Antibody against Human SMIM1 Alternative Gene Names Vel Open Datasheet. Price. $450.00. Product Number. HPA069088.
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Diseases associated with SMIM1 include Blood  We combined SNP profiling and transcriptional network modeling to link the Vel- negative phenotype to SMIM1, located in a 97-kb haplotype block on chromosome  The transmembrane protein SMIM1 was identified as carrying the.

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